Fat Chicks Rule!

Fat Chicks Rule is not just a necessary tool for your personal, self-celebrating revolution, it’s the simple truth!!!”–Marilyn Wann, FAT!SO

“Funny, enlightening, and practically useful.”–Kathleen LeBesco, Revolting Bodies

“With Fat Chicks Rule, Lara Frater has provided a cheerful, practical, and optimistic guide for surviving in a fat-phobic culture–with a sense of humor. You go, girl!”
Laura Fraser, Losing It: America’s Obsession With Weight and the Industry That Feeds On It

The only book on how to live the big girl’s life with style and flair, Fat Chicks Rule! will tackle the issues that fat women face everyday in our thin-centered society. This beautifully illustrated book will include tips on everything that the plus-size woman needs to know, including how to dress like a beauty queen, where and where not to shop, famous fat chicks in history, fat images in movies, television and literature, the dieting scam, snappy comebacks against the ignorant and fatphobic and much more.

Lara Frater is an author and a fat acceptance activist. She lives in New York City.